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When I injured my ankle whilst out walking, it was such a relief to speak to Nicky over FaceTime and to instantly receive such useful help and advice. I wasn’t sure how I was going to demonstrate my problem using an iPad, but it turned out that by placing the iPad on the floor, Nicky was able to easily view and assess my ankle injury.  I am very thankful that I am able to benefit from Nicky’s expertise and treatment programme via remote consultations.  Thank you!
Mrs L

My arm had been in a rigid sling for 6 weeks after a spiral fracture of my humerus, I needed physiotherapy to regain movement and strength especially as this was my writing arm and I needed to catch up with my university studies. From my uni flat, I had several video consultations with Nicola using my iPhone. She was extremely knowledgeable and friendly and gave me some great exercises that really helped and then she reviewed my progress over the course of a few weeks. I’m now able to use my writing hand as normal and I have gone back to my usual gym workouts.  I would highly recommend Nicola’s video physiotherapy sessions.

Been visiting Helen for a few months now after breaking my ankle, I am so happy of what I’ve managed to achieve because of her help and guidance, would highly recommend to any one.

I’ve been to Shoreham Physiotherapy for a number of years and the treatment and care is excellent. Definitely the place to go if you need physio.

Fab treatment with Julia today, Thank you.

Nicola is a great Physio as I know from my patients and personal experience.
Dr Ros Maclintock, Brighton

Nicola Wycherley really cares about getting people better
FL, Reigate

They invest in long-term fixes, great service
DM, Shoreham

I have been going to Shoreham Physio for 10 years. They have fixed my back, my neck, my hip and now my shoulder. They are very good at working out the specific cause of the problem and then giving targeted treatment. I have recommended them to many friends as I have complete faith in their skills. It is great to be able to have therapeutic acupuncture as part of the treatment.
Dr Craig Milne, Brighton

I am a competitive cyclist and have visited Shoreham Physiotherapy Clinic for rehabilitation from injury, to assist speedy recovery from muscular issues and for pre-race weekend support and advice and treatment. The support I have recieved has played a large part in my being able to get the most out of myself and compete to a high standard as a cyclist.  The advice and treatment the clinic provide is first class and I would very much recommend their services.
RF, Shoreham

I have been going to Nicky and her team for a number of years and the depth of their knowledge and capabilities are outstanding.
RP, Shoreham


We can give you clear guidance on your musculoskeletal condition and how to do some home exercises and relieve pain. Learning how to help yourself is a proven way of starting the recovery process.

All major health insurance providers are covering these remote consultations by telephone or video. These are simple to do. 

Here’s what people are saying about our video/telephone consulting service:

Due to the fact that I had a cold, I thought it best not to visit Nicky at the clinic. Instead we decided to FaceTime a video consultation instead. I am quite a novice to this but was very pleasantly surprised how easy it was. Nicky was extremely professional and knowledgeable and after a detailed questioning about my condition, she was able to assess me and give me plenty of advice and exercises that I could do at home.

We are going to repeat this process in 6 weeks time to check how I’m doing. A helpful surprise for me was being able to see myself on camera which meant I could really understand what Nicky was explaining with the exercises. I would highly recommend doing a Skype, Zoom or FaceTime or telephone session with Nicky and her Team at Shoreham Physio.

Audrey Harrison. Pilates instructor.

I’ve been surprised and hugely impressed at how effective a video consultation can be. Nicky has been working with my 91-year old Dad for about 3 weeks now, as he recovers from Corona virus and a long period in bed. She assessed his mobility very effectively and recommended exactly the right level of exercises to stretch but not overwhelm him. He’s progressed from bed exercises, to help tone his muscles, to now walking slowly but steadily, initially with a frame and now with a stick in a very short space of time. Nicky has used the video incredibly effectively to assess his progress, review his walking and prescribe exactly the right regime for him. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible without an in-person consultation, but it absolutely is! I can’t recommend the Shoreham Physio Clinic highly enough and am very grateful for her amazing help, support and encouragement.

Jackie Lynch
Registered Nutritionist MBANT
Registered Nutritional Therapist CNHC

Shoreham Physiotherapy Clinic is proud to have celebrated 25 years in practice
Shoreham Physiotherapy Clinic is proud to have celebrated 25 years in practice


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